ILARIO ORMEZZANO SAI has implemented an Environmental Management System compliant with the UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 standard, ensuring its periodic updating and improvement.

The Environmental Management System and the individual processes that make it up represent the formalization of the Company’s will to operate in full respect of the environment, increasingly adopting an eco-sustainable approach.

Quality and safety

Ilario Ormezzano-SAI operates on the market with constant attention to the quality of its products and services with a continuous check of the needs and demands of the market.

The UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 quality certi fi cation guarantees that everything that is distinguished by the company trademark has been conceived, produced and placed on the market according to rigorous quality criteria; this represents the most important recognition of the company’s industrial and professional commitment.

Since 2000, attention to health, safety and the environment has been guaranteed by compliance with Legislative Decree 334/99 which provides for the control of hazards from major accidents through its Safety Management System.


The new REACH regulation concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical Substances, which entered into force in the European Union on 1st June 2007, aims to guarantee the protection of human health and the environment through the safe use of chemicals. , evaluating the display scenarios throughout the life cycle of the product, an objective fully shared and supported by Ilario Ormezzano-SAI.

All chemicals produced or imported in quantities equal to or greater than one ton / year, in order to be marketed, must be registered with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and their uses must be identified and notified according to the no data no market criterion.

The regulation therefore involves all parties, from the manufacturer to the end user, who will treat chemicals as such, or as components, of preparations or articles.

Given the importance of the regulation and the challenge it represents for the chemical sector, Ilario Ormezzano-SAI immediately committed to deepening its various aspects, creating an internal team.

The implementation of the regulation has taken place in recent years through the issuance of technical guides, the pre-registration of products and compliance with the first registration deadline while waiting to follow the instructions of the subsequent phases. The company will maintain an open dialogue with its Suppliers and Customers thus ensuring the exchange of information necessary to assimilate REACH.


Ilario Ormezzano – SAI joined Elite on 11 April 2018.

ELITE is the international program of the Italian Stock Exchange born in 2012 in collaboration with Confindustria to support companies in the realization of their growth projects.

ELITE gives access to numerous financing opportunities, improves the visibility and attractiveness of companies, puts them in contact with potential investors and supports management in a process of cultural and organizational change.

Three evidences can summarize in a simple way the impact that ELITE has managed to generate in Italy in recent years: the increase in the size of ELITE companies, the increase in their profitability and the increase in employment generated by companies in terms of employees.


S.E.P.I.C. by Gianni Donati, then SEPIC srl

1956 – the activity begins in Varese, in a former Shell warehouse

1958 – purchased the area in Bollate, construction of the warehouse begins, which proceeds in successive phases until the maximum expansion in 1985

1991 – buys the Crema warehouse, the former Bensol refinery, from Baldini

1993 – SepicSrl, with the exception of the Bollate warehouse (sold to SIO – Soc. Intermedi Ospiate owned by the Donati family), is purchased by Brenntag Italia

1994 – 2003 Andrea Donati holds the position of Chief Executive Officer of Brenntag Spa

2004 – The company separates from the Brenntag group and takes the new name SiochemSrl (Società Intermedi Ospiate Chemical) and changes the corporate object from real estate to a commercial and service company for chemical products.

In 2016, after many years of collaboration with the company Ilario Ormezzano SAI, Siochem Srl was acquired and merged within the group.


Agechim S.r.l. was founded in April 1974 by Gian Piero Rimoldi who, after years of experience as an executive at Montedison and Sprea, decided to create his own company to devote himself to the marketing of chemical products. Thanks to the skills of the founder and to a mandate of representation conferred by one of the most important phenol and acetone producers, Agechim, a small family-run business, established itself on the national market by managing significant quantities of phenol, acetophenone, alfamethylstyrene and acetone. At the beginning of the 1980s, his son Stefano joined the company and enthusiastically started the expansion of the products marketed, in particular monomers, acrylates, methacrylates and other specialties such as bisphenol, PTBF and organic peroxides are developed. At the same time, relations with the most important national and international manufacturers are increasing and consolidating and Agechim is thus able to offer its customers not only high quality products that are always up-to-date and respectful of the laws in force, but can guarantee regular supplies and technical support. Since 2013 Agechim is proudly part of the Ilario Ormezzano company – You know, the adventure continues based on the same principles, with the same goals and with the same enthusiasm.


Pharmaline is a company active and present in the pharmaceutical market for more than 25 years, supplying a large variety of fine chemicals to its customers. The company was created in 1990 by Luciano Sorresini who, after many years in the chemical sector, decided to pursue his own path. Thus began his activity as an agent of Tradeco, selling more and more chemicals in the pharmaceutical market. During these years, Pharmaline constantly increased its representatives for the Italian market. Its strong presence in the field of organic intermediates for chemical and chemical-pharmaceutical synthesis has given the company the opportunity to work with fine chemical manufacturing companies located in Japan, India, China and the UK. Subsequently, Pharmaline began to cooperate with distribution companies present in numerous states and became the Italian member of the INDIS Group. In 2011 the company was acquired by Ilario Ormezzano and merged into the commercial offices in Via Ripamonti 44. Currently the Pharmaline division specializes in fine chemicals.


Distributor of basic chemicals since 1927.

The company was founded by the RATTI and MARCHESI families in Milan.

Over the years, Ratti managed to establish important agencies; to remember was the representation of Chemapol dei Praga for numerous products: from Sodium Hydrosulfite to acetic acid. This representation allowed the company to establish an important presence in the Milanese market in the textile sector. The company grew to 15 employees, also buying shares in a company, Chimimec (a company that held the representation for a German company of acetic acid and of Kali und Salz for magnesium sulfate). With the closure of Chimimec, Dr. Giorgio Marchesi, in 2003, decided to sell the business unit to Ilario Ormezzano Sai S.p.a, thus joining the Group. In 2010 the company moved together with the SAI division, to the commercial offices in Via Ripamonti 44.


In 1988, aiming for continuous expansion, IOB bought the SAI Company (Industrial Procurement Company founded in 1986) commercial arm of Montedison, the most important Italian chemical company.

This acquisition was the first step of Dr. Giancarlo Ormezzano in the diversification of the reference markets. After several years dedicated to internal and external restructuring (moving to the offices of Pieve Emanuele); in 2000 the two companies merge giving life to Ilario Ormezzano-SAI. In 2010, the company moved to the commercial offices in Via Ripamonti 44. Currently the SAI division, within Ormezzano, is the branch specializing in pharmaceutical chemistry.

Ilario Ormezzano Biella

Ilario Ormezzano was born in 1897, first as a pharmacy in Vallemosso, founded by Cav. Ilario Ormezzano, and then transformed into a company thanks to the foresight of its founder who, attending to the needs of the then expanding textile market, expands the range of initial products. giving life to the IOB (Ilario Ormezzano Biella) where thanks also to the contribution of Dr. Franco Ormezzano, successor of Cav. Ilario, continues to develop and expand.

In 1980, continuing the passage from generation to generation, Dr. Giancarlo Ormezzano takes over the management of the company and builds a new plant in Gaglianico that can replace the historic one in Biella, in order to keep up with the high standards of safety, quality and respect for the environment.